a group of people working on a project management software

Companies that invest in building a strong working environment for their team end up creating for themselves a vibrant organisation that supports each other.

This is why Team Leads play a very important role in managing other team members so that the company can achieve its goals.

In this project, Virtually Tope support a Digital Analyst company to build, follow up and track tasks done by team members by using a unique project management software called ASANA. We audited the company’s Asana account, organized it and created a better workflow system which tremendously improved the company’s productivity level.

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A team supporting each other on a project

Project Details

  • Category: Consulting
  • Client: Kwantyx
  • Location: Canada
  • Completed Date: 2020
  • Project Value: N/A
  • Mananer: N/A
  • Designer: N/A